what is Advergame?
Advergame is an interactive game product created for advertising/to advertise. The core/basic idea of advergame is that game will be developed as a kind of advertisement/is to develop games into advertisement, we hope customers will receive the information while playing the games.
According to our creative plan, the advertised information will appear as the game story developing. They will be displayed in the background, through the game characters, among tools, during conversations, etc.
It is believed that when the customers enjoy the exciting games, they would naturally pay attention to the utmost advertised information. Therefore we can fulfil our business purpose.
According to the survey result published by Jupiter Research in 2005, the number of the potential customers of advergame is about 105 million globally. 50% of the respondents spend 25 minutes on one advergame, 90 % of the respondents participated the game because the challenge links or E-mails send by friends. The data has shown that Advergame is of great value in advertising.
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